Imagine a cold winter's night. You find yourself bundled up in a soft blanket staring into the depth of your favorite childhood mug. Slowly but surely a steaming cascade of frothy cappuccino begins to flow into the empty vessel before you. The aroma of coffee proliferates throughout the room and brings your tired face to helplessly crack a grin out of sheer anticipation. Flakes of luscious milk chocolate and sparkling granules of sugar fall and settle onto the surface of this most decadent drink, gracefully surrendering to the pull of this hot, liquid gold. You take a sip and are met with a crescendo of flavor and a soothing warmth begins to embrace your being from head to toe. This image is what Marron from LG Hi-MACS embodies. Pure bliss expressed in an elegant package. What are you waiting for? Both you and your counter tops deserve a little treat.

Key Features:

  • Marron Hi-MACS Solid Surface Material
  • LG Hi-MACS material is stunning, durable, low maintenance solid surface option
  • Seamless, non-porous design eliminates crevices where harmful bacteria/mold reside
  • Fabricated using standard woodworking tools, Hi-MACS sheets offer great "do it yourself" potential
  • Available in the standard sizes below with custom cuts available upon request
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