Mirror Cutting Solid Surface: How To 

Required Tools


Straight Edge


Recommended Bits/Blades: 

Router: 1/2" shank double fluted router bit

Work on a surface (saw horse, workbench or otherwise) that is level. Ensure your cut depth extends ¼” below the solid surface sheet to guarantee a clean and consistent cut. 

How to Cut Solid Surface via Mirror Cut Method

1. Clamp the two pieces to be seamed on sawhorses (or other work surface alternative) 3/8" apart from each other. It is critical that the two pieces are level and that the gap between them is a consistent 3/8". This 3/8" gap is effectively your cut line. The goal is to run your 1/2" router bit directly through this gap which will remove 1/16" of material from both sides.

Locating the material 3/8
ensuring there is a consistent gap between the two pieces of solid surface

2. On your router, measure the base to determine the required straight edge offset that centers your 1/2" bit in your 3/8" gap. Once the straight edge is clamped in place, you should be able to set your router on top of the material pressed against your straight edge and you should see the router bit sitting in the center of the gap hitting both pieces of material.

measuring the router bit
marking offset cut
Clamping straight edge to keep cut line aligned
making sure router is aligned before cutting

Selecting your straight edge: Make sure your straight edge is at least as long as the cut you are going to make. Your straight edge needs to be thick enough that you can run your router base against it without slipping onto it. It also needs to be perfectly straight. Your cut will only be as accurate as your straight edge!

3. Make your cut slowly using your router, taking great care to hold your router tight to your straight edge all the way through the end of your cut.

Locating the material 3/8
zoomed in image of cutting solid surface

Video Instructions